Karen and Kelly W.

Angie & Winston

Fear-based issues, basic obedience, rehab with re-home, family pack structure

Thanks to Lynn, (our rescue dog) Angie's life has been fulfilling and all that a dog could want. Angie went from being a scared defensive dog who knew life as a dog in a shelter. Then by chance, one look of a picture on the internet, her life changed. I will never forget the first time we met Lynn at our home to start the process of making life better for all of us; Lynn was the dog whisperer this family needed. By fortunate circumstances our next rescue, Winston, was placed in the loving hands of Lynn (through PAWS New England) and somehow she knew he would be a good fit to expand our family.

There just aren't enough words to begin to express our deepest gratitude for what Lynn has done for us and our beloved pets (including Rocky our cat!).

The love Lynn has given our pets is from her heart, and her acts of kindness and compassion are intrinsic which many of us inspire. Lynn will always be our TOP DOG!

  • Karen and Kelly W., Sandown, NH
Rod and Linda Witt


Basic obedience and "hearing" for the DEAF DOG

Our dog, Annie, is a fourteen month old rescue dog of an unknown lineage, but certainly with some American Bulldog background. It was several weeks after adoption that we began to notice signs indicating Annie was deaf, which was later verified by our veterinarian. Annie had a number of behavioral problems that were compounded by her deafness. These included aggressively jumping on or otherwise bothering guests or company and trying to escape if not closely controlled when taken outside. Her deafness also complicated our efforts to train her in that unless she was looking directly at us we had no means of even getting her attention. After several months of attempting to train Annie ourselves we realized the task was beyond our capabilities and that we needed more professional assistance.

Based on recommendations, our own research and personal interview we selected Lynn Wonderli of Wunderdog, LLC to provide that support. Lynn first work with us in developing a set of hand signals for controlling basic aspects of Annie’s behavior as well as educating us on basic aspects of canine behavior and psychology as they applied to controlling behavior. While we saw immediate results in Annie’s conduct it was very apparent that the interaction between her personality and her deafness limited training beyond a basic level. It was at this point that Lynn’s knowledge and experience with electronic training aids became invaluable. Lynn recommended we purchase an electronic collar, which we did, and has since worked with us and Annie in its use.

At this time Annie’ behavior with visitors to our house has drastically improved and is no longer a serious problem. She responds readily to basic hand signals, sits and waits for us to first go through a door before following and readily obeys other commands. Most striking is that she can now be taken outside and let off her leash without trying to escape. The use of the electronic collar allows us to let her romp and play outside while ensuring that she will not run away and will return to us when signaled.

All of this can be directly attributed to the assistance of Lynn Wonderli and her vast store of dog related knowledge. We have found her to be unrelentingly cheerful, accommodating in terms of meeting times and willing to adapt to our needs and preferences. In short we are very happy with our choice of Lynn as Annie’s trainer and grateful to her for helping us enjoy our dog so much more. We would strongly recommend her to others in need of a trainer.

  • Rod and Linda Witt, Sun Prairie, WI

Bella, Maisy and Emmi

Desensitization, family pack harmony

Lynn helped me and my pups so much! I have a sweet puggle pack of 3 females and they get along marvelously but all have their very unique personalities and roles in their pack. Bella is my very secure oldest gal who really "goes with the flow". Emmi is the youngest, but definitely likes to be in charge of the group. :-) Maisy, coming from quite a troubled past, has adjusted very well, but is somewhat insecure and has some guarding tendencies. She really prefers that no men enter the house, and that included my husband (now ex). Over 3 years, this problem never resolved and I can only imagine what brought on Maisy's fear, as she was kept in a cage for the first 4-5 years of her life as a puppy mill breeding dog prior to my rescue-so sad!!!!

I had worked with another training group to help Maisy to no avail. No amount of super yummy treats or behavioral conditioning made a dent in Maisy's over-reactive behavior towards men. She never bit anyone, but certainly acted as that was the next step. It made everyone in the house very uncomfortable, and I can only imagine the stress Maisy was feeling. This made me sad for her.

So, I was lucky enough to meet Lynn at a social event and called upon her help! She came to my home and spent a few hours with me and my girls. While we were just chatting and getting to know each other and she was gathering information about them, she was able to explain clearly to me the goals for each member of my puggle pack. We had some work to do and I was willing to try.

Lynn even emailed me a very clear and concise training plan the next day which outlined our goals for the program and the steps we would need to take to remedy the problem and prepare Maisy. It was very detailed and she had specific things that I could do right away.

One goal that I hoped to achieve by hiring Lynn was to ease Maisy's discomfort around men in general, and especially a special one that she would be meeting very soon that had come into my life recently. I was nervous about what her behavior would be towards him and really wanted everything to go smoothly. This may not have been a "make-or-break-it" situation, but I wanted to do everything in my power to improve things for Maisy.

Well, with some creative and solid training with Maisy, I am happy to say the meeting with the new man went fabulously. For months prior to their meeting, we got Maisy used to his scent and voice that she would encounter upon his visit. Yes, there were ways to do this prior to the meeting and they were creative!!

I was so relieved and really owe Lynn so much for helping me to create a safe and loving environment for my Maisy (and the others) while easing the tension I had in anticipation of the meeting. Maisy responded so well, it really shocked me and I was amazed at how well things went.

Lynn had a wonderful way of caring for my pups, acknowledging their differences (and appreciating them), while helping me understand how all of their interactions with each other affected Maisy's behavior. She also explained how I could change my own behavior which was contributing to some of Maisy's insecurities. She explained things clearly and I could tell she really cared for us.

I cannot say enough good things about Lynn and her approach to training. She is competent, kind and has a heart of gold. I would say she seemed to care about my girls as much as I do.

Thank you Lynn for all you have done for us!!!

  • Amy, Madison, WI
Jen and Chad Goytowski


Possession issues, family pack structure, manners

We rescued Brantley when he was 10 months old. He was a large lab with absolutely no manners! He was very mouthy, jumped on guests, chased anything from rabbits to cars, pulled on his leash and did not know how to greet other dogs. We tried a lot of different techniques on our own to try to teach him some manners, however, we weren't very successful.

We called Lynn and she was able to meet with us within a week. From our first meeting, I could tell she was a great fit for Brantley because she didn't take any of his nonsense. Lynn's 'Nothing in Life For Free' program was an eye-opener for us as well as for Brantley. After implementing the program for a few weeks, Brantley became more settled and started to relax and listen to our commands.

We also knew we wanted to train Brantley with an e-collar so we could trust him off-leash and to give him more freedom. Lynn took us through four weeks of e-collar training and now Brantley can be trusted completely off-leash. She even accompanied us to the dog park to make sure Brantley was playing nicely with the other dogs and gave us suggestions for corrections when they were needed.

At the end of our training, Brantley is a completely different dog. He's completely settled, heels on leash, no long jumps on guests and now greets and plays with other dogs properly!

Friends and family are amazing at what a good dog he has turned into. Strangers have even come up to us commenting on what a good dog he is and they wish their dog was that well behaved.

Lynn worked wonders with Brantley and we are so thankful for all of her endless knowledge she shared with us!

  • Jen and Chad Goytowski, Madison, WI
Sue M.


Puppy training, in-home rehab services

I have a yellow lab named Chelsea that I enrolled in Lynn's (doggie) camp at the age of 10 weeks. Since that time, Chelsea has attended day camp two days a week for play, socialization, and training. Also during this time I have boarded Chelsea there while traveling, had her groomed, and had in-house assistance while she recovered from surgery. In short, I have used all the services offered by Wunderdog. In my years of having dogs and going to other facilities, I can honestly say this is the VERY BEST I HAVE SEEN. Lynn and her team are totally dedicated to the care and health of the dogs at camp, and her skill and experience leads to a very happy, safe, and caring environment for them. Chelsea eagerly jumps out of the car to get with her friends each time I bring her to camp!

  • Sue M., E. Hampstead, NH
Rocky and Gail Sylvester


Fear-based issues, family pack structure, basic obedience

Our precious little girl. A Chocolate brush coat Chinese Shar Pei was born 21 November 2014 in Farmington Iowa. When we contracted Lynn she was about 7 months old. She had some issues! She would jump on our grandchildren (3 and 5) years old. Bark at everything and anything. Would not listen to the command "come."" She had a mind of her own...

After a couple sessions and guidance from Lynn, our little girl is a perfect dog. She no longer jumps, barks excessively, and she comes when told. Our little girl (Chloee) took to Lynn like we have never seen before!

Lynn is wonderful, just like the name of her service, Wunderdog.

We will and are recommending Lynn to everyone we meet. She is truly the female version of Cesar Milan.

  • Rocky and Gail Sylvester, Merrimac, WI
The Hudson/Whylie Family (and chickens!)


Great Beginnings puppy and family pack structure

This past Mother's Day was truly a blessing! Dash was born into this world along with his four siblings. He spent spent the first 8 weeks on a small farm outside of Pardeeville with his siblings. On the 3rd of July we stopped "just to look" and Dash melted our hearts!

Our goals with Dash are to have a nice obedient dog. Over the past two months we have worked with Lynn and spent many hours with him learning the basics. Lynn has also taught us that we, the owners, need to be trained and all of our family need to be on the same page! Our family consists of 5 teenage girls and 4 chickens so Lynn taught us consistency is a must with our puppy.

Our little bundle of joy has made progress so far at just four months of age! Thank you Lynn!

  • The Hudson/Whylie Family (and chickens!), Madison, WI
Barb Wolter

Downton Abbey "The Wunder Dog" (CGC certified and volunteering)

Basic obedience, family pack structure, CGC certification

Abbey came to me by way of divine intervention. I had been a care-giver for my 97 year old father for almost eight months, 24/7, and lost him on Christmas Day, last year. I slipped into a very dark place, not knowing how to begin living again. On January 24th, 2015, Miss Downton Abbey came to me through tracysdogs.com, a San Antonio, TX, dog rescue where she was hours from being euthanized. I chose her from 80 or more dog videos and immediately felt a long-range connection to her. When she arrived, and I held her in my arms the first time, I felt my deceased parents had hand-picked her from above to come and help me begin re-crafting the rest of my life.

I am a first-time dog owner at 62 years old, living in a 2nd floor condo on the northeast side of Madison. Caring for a little "fur-baby" meant walking up / down 14 steps every time we needed to go out the back door or taking an elevator to go down and out the front floor. And this would be for the rest of our lives together. I quickly realized I needed help to properly guide Abbey to a life of respect, honor and safety. A rescue dog often comes onboard with many fears and anxieties that need to be replaced with leadership and trust. How we "lead by example" determines the quality of life we both will share from the moment we meet.

Lynn "the Wunder Dog Trainer" Wunderli, came recommended by a dear friend. Lynn’s initial visit was nothing short of genius, her positive interaction and exchange with Abbey was on a level I have never seen experienced. Lynn, was a "dog whisperer." She connected with Abbey on a whole different level. Lynn quietly called out to me all the behaviors Abbey was demonstrating so that I would learn to "read" Abbey from that day on. How Abbey gazed at me, her submissive behaviors, the licking of her lips when she was anxious, the desire to please as she was learning commands and the choosing to follow what was asked.

Lynn is a "details oriented" instructor. She had custom tailored a sheet addressing Abbey’s specific behaviors and what I should begin to work on. I immediately put together an "Abbey the Wunder Dog" Notebook where I put all our weekly handouts, and highlighted what our objectives were. We crafted a long-range plan and a short-range plan for what Abbey and I, as a team, hoped to accomplish. Lynn helped me to achieve Abbey’s "Canine Good Citizen" award for discipline and obedience in less then 5 months.

Lynn is very generous with her time. When she offers instruction for an hour, it turns into way more because she is relationship focused and in my case, took the time to bring to the surface much of the pain I was experiencing in my grief and loss. She told me how easily Abbey would pick up on my emotions and that she would come to be a tremendous comfort in my healing process. Everything Lynn spoke about, became a reality. Abbey, "my little fur-baby Wunder Dog" saved my life and does every day with her tenderness and unconditional love.

Our dogs have the ability to bring us more joy then any amount of money or tangible reward life has to offer. And once you have the tools and acquired skills, YOU have the ability to forge a lifelong relationship of love and giving.

Ask Lynn how you can be a part of such an exceptional opportunity with your dog. She is an elite trainer with decades of experience …. and her motto in teaching is "nothing in life comes for free!"

Allow your dog to perform for you, just exactly what that means!

  • Barb Wolter, Madison, WI
David Stafford


Anxiety, fear, and territorial issues, family pack structure, breed referral service

I’m going to start at the end: For having Lynn Wunderli’s guidance, Jackson enjoys life better and I enjoy Jackson better.

About a year ago, there was a significant change at my household and I wanted help ensuring that Jackson transitioned well. Calling Lynn in was the best decision I could have made.

Lynn observed that there was a void in leadership in the household that was adversely affecting Jackson’s confidence, happiness, and well-being. We all know that it’s OUR end of the leash that needs the help, in most cases. That was the situation in my household.

Lynn did an in-home assessment of me and Jackson, on a Thursday. She gave me guidance and instruction in a supportive, but no-nonsense way. I followed her advice as closely as humanly possible.

This may sound like an exaggeration, but I tell this story the same way to everyone that will listen: That Sunday (yes, three days later) it dawned on me that the nervous, pacing, needy dog that Lynn had met was serenely going through his day with none of the previous behaviors that had concerned me.

With her guidance, and “Nothing in Life for Free” at the core, Jackson had begun a wonderful transformation. He may never be a perfectly confident and serene boy (who knows what he went through in his first six months before I rescued him) but Lynn’s principles, applied diligently, will ensure that he’s “the best he can be”.

Since I met Lynn, she has been there for me every….EVERY….time I’ve needed help or advice.

I’ve now added another member to my pack and between them, my pups have attended four of Lynn’s classes at Camp K-9.

Thank you, Lynn, for everything.

  • David Stafford, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Becky Pedretti


Dominance-based issues, family pack structure, manners

Little did I know when I insisted to my husband that we get a boxer we would end up with a "marley" we call her Jinx. initially we tried traditional training with puppy classes. Lets just say that didnt go so well and we were asked to consider private lessons. We did pursue this with your traditional hand signals and treat rewards but we still did not have the dog we wish we had. Jinx was not obedient, she jumped, chased bikers walkers and runners, and had terrible separation anxiety.

Thankfully our friend Cathy insisted we give Lynn a try and we had seen all the hard work she had done with their dog. In one visit with the introduction of the e collar we had made significant progress. Jinx was a different dog and we were able to keep her from jumping on people and she was better when playing with other dogs. she is more relaxed, doesnt chase down the runners or bikers during our walks. Dont get me wrong Jinx is not perfect by any means but Lynn helped us form a better bond with her rather than consider giving her up to another family. The boys get to keep their favorite cuddler and we now have as Lynn would say our Jinxy-doodle. Lynn is a true dog whisperer.

  • Becky Pedretti, Madison, WI
Toni and Dennis Sieg

Lenny and Heidi

Dominance issues, lack of exposure, family pack structure, manners

Lynn worked miracles with our two dogs.

She was a godsend, Especially with our lab mix Lenny. Lenny had numerous behavioral issues that were rubbing off on our Great Dane.

Lynn's classes and private sessions gave us the tools to correct those issues and now we have two well behaved dogs!

  • Toni and Dennis Sieg, Cottage Grove, WI
Sara Petzold


Fear-based issues, manners, lack of exposure

I got Lynn Wunderli’s business card from Camp K-9 while I was musing to staff about how to endure the coming teen months of my Giant Schnauzer Milo. Milo is a very sweet dog, and I have had Giant Schnauzers before so I am familiar with their energy level, but I have always gotten them at an older age, and there has always been another dog in the house to help with the training. Not the case with Milo.

When I saw a Giant Schnauzer on Lynn’s business card, I figured she would be able to help me if the need arose. I first met with Lynn in June when Milo was 10 months old. I had become concerned because of Milos high energy level combined with inappropriate barking and growling when he saw something unfamiliar to him. I was particularly concerned that he was growling at the young kids across the street if he saw them outside.

Lynn took immediate control of Milo. Not in a bad way, but in a “Dog Whisperer” sort of way. She was relaxed with him and that relaxed him as well. She got to know both of us and pointed out his domineering ways and the ways I was not helping the situation. She put a leash on Milo and walked him around at heel, made him do what she wanted, and all in a low-key way. It was truly amazing!

I knew that if Milo was a normal dog, and not a vicious killer-type, any problems he was having were really the fault of my training and not anything inherent in him. Lynn immediately assessed Milo as a normal Giant Schnauzer which was very reassuring to me. She worked with us both, encouraging me in what I did right, and interpreting Milo’s behavior in light of what I was projecting.

I met with Lynn several times, and plan to do so again. She set up an easy to understand protocol to address a number of issues, provided written information about what we were trying to accomplish, and followed up on our progress without being judgmental of my shortcomings as a dog owner.

I unhesitatingly recommend Lynn to anyone who would like to get some assistance in working with their dog. She is kind and compassionate to both dog and owner and trains both with clear instruction and follow-through. Although Milo is a large dog at over 90 lbs, I believe she would be able to work with any size dog without problem.

Milo is still a bit of a project; he is now 14 months old and still an adolescent, but he is improving. I no longer have to worry about walking him past strangers or children. Yesterday, I walked him past a group of high schoolers throwing a football on the sidewalk by a bus stop. I was able to walk him past them on the same side of the street and maneuvering around them rather than trying to avoid the situation. Milo has improved immensely with the lessons he has learned from Lynn. Quite frankly, I was thinking of finding a home for him when I first met Lynn, because I despaired that he would ever be the well-behaved dog I wanted him to be. Now, I think I’ll keep him...

  • Sara Petzold, Madison, WI
Mary and Rusty R.


Puppy training, adolescent-to-adult training

We've had the opportunity to see first-hand Lynn's excellent training with Nash, our 6-year old lab mix, and most recently our 15-month shepard mix, Tex. Lynn exceeded our expectations. Lynn has been a terrific coach and resource for us as a family.

  • Mary and Rusty R., Londonderry, NH
Gina and Bruce A.


Physical & mental rehabilitation, re-home

It is with great and whole-hearted confidence that I recommend Lynn Wunderli and her dog training and dog care services. Over the last 8 years, Lynn has provided tremendous leadership, compassion and skill both in taking care of our 3 dogs over this extended period of time as well as helping us become much better canine parents. Lynn is highly passionate about the care and well-being of all dogs she has the opportunity to work with, as is testament by how excited dogs are to be in her magnetic presence. She is also dedicated to continually learning all she can about canine care, health and behavior issues. She is a tremendous resource not only for her excellent services but also for her advice and insights as well. Over the years we have trained with Lynn, entrusted her with daycare, boarding and grooming services, as well as followed her advice with regards to a number of more complex issues such as breeding, adopting rescue dogs as well as understanding canine behavior issues. We believe all individuals and dogs who work with her will so greatly benefit from her work.

  • Gina and Bruce A., Windham, NH
Diane and Jack


Dominance-based issues, family pack structuring, basic obedience

We have a 17 month old Saint Bernard. She had a VERY bad experience with a vet at 5 months of age. It had gotten to the point where she would not let anyone touch her ears or her nails--she would snap at us is we tried either of these with her. We went to a new vet who suggested we give Lynn a call. We did, and it was the right decision.

Lynn came to our house and evaluated our girl. From Lynn's evaluation we learned that she was only defending herself after being traumatized, and thought we were gong to hurt her. Lynn started the training process with us, and taught us how to work with her without scaring her and becoming her pack leaders so that she could trust us more. Lynn suggested her day camp for safe socialization and so that she could continue working on her desensitization of her ears, nails, and trust issues. During this time, we had our follow up consultations and continued our work at home.

In a couple of months the snapping stopped. The dogs trust Lynn and she has unlimited patience with them; Lynn understands dog behavior and can put her finger on why they do things and how to stop negative or dangerous behaviors.

Our girl is a whole different dog now. We can clean her ears ourselves, she no longer gets ear infections, and we can take her to vets without a problem. The vet staff says she is a different dog! They can examine her and give her shots without sedating her anymore.

Wunderdog is always SPOTLESS! The dogs go for long walks, and get plenty of play time and rest periods. Lynn always keeps both eyes on all the dogs, and communicates everything with us to make sure that we can address any issues before they become problems.

When I decided to add another dog to our home recently, Lynn suggested we rescue. She has worked with many rescue dogs, and we trust her judgment. She helped us select one from PAWS New England. She generously brought our selection home to her house to foster and evaluate her. It was good because my husband, our St. Bernard, and myself could meet her and spend time with her and make sure she was a good fit for our family. I worked out great. Lynn was a tremendous help with the whole thing.

I would recommend Lynn to anyone. I don't know where we would be if she hadn't come into our lives.

  • Diane and Jack, Atkinson, NH
Kathleen S.

Lynn has been training and caring for my dogs for over 5 years. Lynn's expertise in animal behavior, training and grooming, has been instrumental in raising my dogs. I have relied on her for all behavioral issues (excessive barking, house training etc...). She is also a trustworthy, honest, and loving care taker of my dogs when I leave them for doggy day care or overnight boarding. I highly recommend Lynn for her dog training and grooming expertise, and/or her knowledge of caring for animals while they are away from home.

  • Kathleen S., Londonderry, NH
Kathy and Jon R.

My name is Kathy Richard. My husband and I own two wonderful dogs. A Boxer, Rocky, and a German Shepherd, Dakota. We recently moved from a home with lots of space to a smaller home which does not provide adequate outdoor space. I was looking for a place to bring my dogs on a weekly basis where they could go have fun, exercise, and be socialized with other dogs. An employee of mine suggested bringing them to see Lynn at Wunderdog in NH.

My husband and I felt very welcome instantly, and as we were interviewing each other, Lynn was observing both of our dogs. When we had all of our questions answered, Lynn was able to describe our dog's personalities PERFECTLY!

Dakota has had a hard time socializing with other dogs...but Lynn worked one-on-one with him, and the transformation we have seen in Dakota has been amazing! We can now bring BOTH our dogs to a local dog park without fear o altercations with other dogs. We will be forever grateful to Lynn for this.

Wunderdog Day Camp offers so many different aspects of dog training as well as daily manners class, agility, socialization, 2.5 - 4 mile walks each day, pools in the summer, scheduled nap time, grooming, and most importantly to me, an individual plan for each of my dogs according to their needs.

I can't imagine a better place for my dogs!

  • Kathy and Jon R., Hampstead, NH
Lori S.

I have been taking my German Shepard puppy to Wunderdog since she was about 3 months old. She is one year now and I am so happy with the progress that she has made. Lynn and her staff have been so helpful with all aspects of Kyra's care. Lynn came to our house when we first got Kyra and spoke with our entire family, helping us to understand our new puppy's needs and behavior. She helped with potty training, crate training and obedience training. She also stressed to us the importance of socialization with other dogs, and Kyra absolutely loves going to "puppy school" one day a week to play with all her Wunderdog friends. I really think that if we had not been referred to Lynn, we would not have made it through this first year. We have also boarded Kyra several times and it has been a good experience for all of us. I know that Kyra would highly recommend Wunderdog to any and all of her canine friends and we totally agree!.

  • Lori S., Hampstead, NH
Marge L.

My dogs have been cared for and loved by our friend Lynn Wunderli. We have boarded our dogs with Lynn for over six years. When we first began, one of our dogs was older, blind and somewhat nervous as to where she was. Lynn and her family took such great care of our little Tucket. From feeding her by hand to giving her scents to find her own way in and out of the house put our mind at ease. She became so comfortable that even at her elder stage in life would get excited to go back.

Once our Tucket passed along came another puppy. Lynn never hesitated taking our two dogs Lily and Lucie together. Lynn provided our dogs play time, walk time and quiet time with a report of their activity everyday. Her play area had many toys and a large area, which was perfect for my playful Lucie. The long walks gave our Lily her favorite exploration time.

Lynn has not only provided boarding services, but she has also given me me training lessons for my somewhat delinquent labs. Lynn is so knowledgeable, and truly understands the way to train my dogs was to actually train me! Lynn is a very patient teacher. She has given me great insight as to the dogs’ body language and why they act the way they do!

I would highly recommend Lynn Wunderli for dog training and boarding. Lynn is passionate and enjoys every aspect of her business. The true testament is the happiness of the dogs after spending time with Lynn.

  • Marge L., Windham, NH

We are writing on behalf of Lynn Wunderli and Wunderdog K-9 Care & Training, LLC. We have been working closely with Lynn over the last year and have created a wonderful relationship. Her knowledge, training skills, and one-on-one consults have been an asset to our patients and our hospital. We are a multi-doctor practice that sees a large number of clients with pets in need of direction, training and behavior modification plans. Our referrals to Lynn have been very successful and we have seen a dramatic improvement in these pets following a behavior modification plan created by Wunderdog.

Lynn has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized, and very reliable. The client feedback from her is outstanding and the pet's behavior is proof of her dedication and hard work. Along with her client interactions, she also was willing to share her knowledge with our hospital staff. She created a professional power point presentation ("Canine Behavior in The Vet Hospital Setting") that was full of pertinent information, left us with client information handouts, and numerous tips to share with our clients.

It is very important to us to be able to refer our clients to someone we trust and who will be able to tailor the behavior plan for both the client and their pet. Lynn is an asset to our practice in all regards and has always treated each pet as an individual. Hampstead Animal Hospital has benefited from a partnership with her because fundamental training is essential to making our patients have a positive experience. Any hospital that is able to work with her is extremely lucky and will be pleased with her results!

  • Michael Fraysee, DVM (Hospital Owner)
  • Ryan Storey, DVM (Hospital Owner)
  • Amy Armstrong, CVT (Technical Manager)
  • Natalee Davis (Client Service Manager)

Lynn Wunderli is a dog trainer par excellence. I have been so grateful to refer my clients and patients to her for the past 3 years when behavioral problems arise. During an in-home consultation, Lynn can identify the roots of the misbehavior and guide the owner through corrective training. She has time and time again restored the harmony in the human animal bond. And her training classes are a great foundation for owners of puppies and adult dogs alike. Start your dog off on the right paw with Wunderdog training!

  • Heide Meier, Truesdell Animal Care Hospital, DVM DABVP, Madison, WI
Dennis & Kim Rusch

My wife and I had never been dog owners before we found Nadia, a Siberian Husky, who we love very much. So as you can imagine we wanted to have a safe setting to take Nadia during the day while we worked. But it is so much more than that. At Wunderdog we met Lynn and her family and have made a lasting friendship and a second home for Nadia.

From Nadia's point of view this experience is one that she looks forward to as often as possible. Wunderdog offers us a worry-free, playful atmosphere and great socialization for our dog. In addition, we can receive personal training to develop Nadia's obedience skills, or have her groomed while she is at daycare.

Wunderdog is more than just daycare... it is care from people who have a true passion for improving the quality of life for our family pet. We are so pleased with how our dog is treated and how well she responds to attending daycare and the benefits of having a more social, well mannered dog; we can't imagine not taking Nadia to see her friends at daycare.

My wife and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for giving us peace-of-mind knowing our dog is safe and well cared for while she is in Wunderdog's care.

Thank you.

  • Dennis & Kim Rusch, Sandown, NH
Carmen and Victoria

Lynn Wunderli has cared for our little guy for over 2 years now and she has taught he and us so much about the precious relationship between people and their pets. Lynn has a day care that is more than just a place for our dog to go. She teaches obedience and socialization skills as part of her day care process and has found a way to get each dog to not only get along with other dogs, but to also "be friends." It is truly hard to describe, but imagine your dog arriving at day care and being welcomed by the other dogs as if they were all family.

Lynn believes in the health and well-being of each dog she has in her care and has them exercising as part of their day -- this can be anywhere from a hike to a swim. She ensures they rest and have fun, and watches over them as if they were all her own. When it comes to our boy, Larry, she has helped us with his uniqueness and has given us simple and successful tools/tips to train him and care for him. He is remarkable dog and we feel, in part, Lynn has helped that happen.

Whether we board Larry while on vacation, train him with Lynn, have him spend a day at day camp, or get him groomed, Lynn handles all and we have come to trust her and Larry has come to love her. She has helped many people we know and no one would argue that she is an amazing care giver and dog trainer. She runs a well-oiled operation and has a system second-to-none from the time you drop off your pet to the time you pick up!

Wunderdog is always clean and the yard is designed for fun and safety. Lynn LISTENS to you as as an owner, and communicates with you whenever your pet is in her care.

Lynn has a gift and shares it willingly and happily. Whoever works with Lynn will find what we have -- an uncommon and unmatched level of professionalism, care, and knowledge that will not only win clients over, but build a relationship that will be long lasting and rewarding.

  • Carmen and Victoria, Chester, NH
Ann B.

I've known Lynn (and her whole family) long before I got my Rosie, (a neurotic, Polish Lowland Sheepdog that I adopted at age 2 1/2 years). Rosie came with issues, for which Lynn has been a fabulous resource and source of great advice. In addition, Rosie looks fabulous after every grooming. Her hair is a constant challenge and Lynn has risen to the challenge. My dog looks great every time! Rosie is not a dog that can be left anywhere, but Lynn loves her, she is well treated and has adapted well to being part of the Wunderdog family.

  • Ann B., Windham, NH
Virginia & Tom E.

We are delighted to be able to recommend Wunderdog of Sandown, NH, and in particular, Lynn Wunderli. Lynn came into our home to help us train our dog Albie. He was a very spirited one-year old Golden Retriever at the time, a rescue dog full of mischief with no manners at all! Thank goodness for Lynn! She helped him with basic commands and gave us the instructions we needed too! She gave us amazing tips that were tailored just for our dog and his unending energy. It has also been a pleasure to send Albie to daycare at Wunderdog once a week where he was able to play with other dogs and have some additional training. Lynn really has a way with dogs!

  • Virginia & Tom E., Danville, NH
Jim and Joanne

We have a dog which had severe socialization issues and separation anxiety. Lynn worked with us to deal with our dogs issues and we started sending our dog to Lynn's daycare. The results of Lynn's personalized training and daycare were amazing. She made all the difference in the world in our having a happy and social dog.

  • Jim and Joanne, Hampstead, NH