Whether you choose personalized training or a group class, Wunderdog, LLC will provide you exceptional service from nose to tail!

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Personalized Training

Every dog is different. Every family's schedule is different. If you are looking for learning the most you can in the most convenient place for your family, personalized training is for you! Whether your sessions take place in your home, a park nearby, or any combination designed specifically for you and you four-footed family member, your dog CAN become a WUNDERDOG!

Group Classes

Group classes are very affordable ways to help you and your dog! Looking for something to do weekly with your dog? Want to start your puppy out right? Looking to help your adolescent pup remember manners and learn new things?

Specialized Personal Training

Is there a special skill (such as biking, hiking, etc.) that you would like to learn to do safely with your dog? Contact WUNDERDOG today to see if we can help design a program for you! We have had great success in helping clients achieve their personal goals with their dogs!

In-Home Services

Wunderdog offers routine and vacation (scheduled in advance) for your pets in your home. Our exceptional attention to detail has always had our clients raving about our services. Whether you are planning a vacation, have unexpected hours you will be away during the day, need rehabilitative care after your pet's surgery, or just need help with exercising your dog - Wunderdog is at your service! We are fully insured and bonded!

Public Speaking Services

Lynn Wunderli is available to present and speak in public forums on dog behavior. Lynn has presented at town forums, schools, veterinarian clinics, and conferences.

Lynn offers a discount to organizations that do rescue and shelter work, and has donated time to town recreational organizations.

Some of the Power Point presentations include:

  • "CBADDC" (Canine Behavior and Doggie Daycare) What Makes a Good Doggie Daycare
  • "Canine Behavior in the Vet Hospital Setting" Learning Basic Dog Behaviors Relevant to Handling Patients
  • "Woof, Bark, Whine, Growl!" How Dogs and Humans Communicate
  • "Kids and Dogs!" What Kids Need to Know About Dogs

Lynn is available to consult and develop a presentation personalized for your business or organization. Helpful handouts can also be produced for your facility for the price of printing. Lynn can be reached directly via cell phone 603-339-1007 (a Verizon phone).


Book us for your next Fundraiser!

We will donate a basket worth over $100 in items and services! The only thing we expect is a listing in your fundraising advertisements and/or a booth at your event!

Dog Behavior Workshops

We offer behavior workshops! See here for additional details.

Field Trips

We offer field trips! For more information and a signup form, see here.

In-Home Care

Pricing is for service within 10 miles of Waunakee. Additional charges for mileage may apply.

ROUTINE CARE: 30 minutes

  • Exercise, massage, brushing, obedience, fresh water, lovin' - whatever you specify!
  • $17/1 dog (per visit)
  • $1 add for each additional dog within the same household

HOME SCHOOL: 30 to 40 minutes of in-home care combined with training of your choice!

  • You will receive a written report with each visit
  • Personalized training (1-on-1) with your dog and trainer, including "Balance Training" with Wunderdogs (small or large) where applicable
  • $25/thirty minutes, $40/one hour
  • Session always ends with short play time or romp!

VACATION CARE: 30 to 45 minutes

  • Exercise, massage, brushing, feeding, watering, medicating, obedience, lovin’, mail collection, catbox cleaning, watering of plants, household lights— whatever you specify!
  • $18/1 dog (per visit; scheduled vacations 10 days or more receive a discount of 10% off total pricing)
  • $1 add for each additional animal within the same household

REHABILITATION CARE: Up to 60 minutes as specified in writing by qualified veterinarian, physical therapist, and/or you.

  • $40/1 dog (per visit)
  • Prior to first session/visit, a mandatory meeting must be scheduled for demonstration and clarification of care to be given. This meeting is free-of-charge to you.


We would love to meet you and your pets!

Having in-home care clients for over 20 years, we have established an in-home program to suit every pet's needs. Ranging from high-energy to low energy dogs, we can design routine or vacation in-home visits specifically for your pet(s). If you have a multi-pet home, we are experienced in many species' care (our kitty clients enjoy playtime with our cat toys, massages, and brush time, of course! Our bird clients like the company of the in/out, fresh water/food, and if they engage "in conversation," we provide it!).

Wunderdog takes pride in making sure that your pets have clean water and food bowls (cleaned after every serving), a tidy living area, and fullfilling visit each and every time we meet.

If you are available via texting, we will text you pictures or videos of your pet(s) while in our care!

You will receive a "Visitation Log" at the end of our vacation visits, listing daily activities and times, appetite of your pet(s), elimination report, anything unusual, etc.

Of course, after each routine visit, notification will be left for you describing our visit and time spent with your pet(s).


Lynn does presentations! Interested in hearing how Lynn could help you or your organization? Please contact us.


Personal consultation fees

"GREAT BEGINNINGS/THE BASICS & FINE TUNING" INITIAL CONSULTATION: Up to 2 hours: $200 flat fee (after 2 hours, HOURLY RATE WILL APPLY). Includes one follow up phone call or email at no extra charge (phone call is limited to 15 minutes), and ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME (over the age of 6 years)!

This (up to 2 hours) session is terrific for those clients with new puppies, or those with any new addition to their family wishing to start off with all the advantages. This session covers a complete intake-evaluation, basic temperament assessment, and protocol/program. You will learn A LOT in this session, and will receive applicable handouts to start your puppy workbook. *Most clients choose follow up sessions based on individual needs and as recommended by trainer.

Behavioral modification initial consultation

Up to 2 hours: $200 flat fee (after 2 hours, HOURLY RATE WILL APPLY). Includes one follow up phone call or one email at no extra charge (phone is limited to 15 minutes) and ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!

This (up to 2 hours) session is for clients who are concerned with their dog's behavior(s). These clients have either been dealing with issues without resolution, or are seeing new issues--all of which are affecting their life with their dog. These issues can range from mild to severe, from obnoxious to aggressive behavior...

Separation anxiety initial consultation

Up to 2 hours: $250 flat fee (after 2 hours, HOURLY RATE WILL APPLY). *Diagnosis/Prognosis to be discussed at the end of the session, and successive sessions to be outlined at that time.

Separation Anxiety (SA) is a complicated condition that cannot be modified with an "easy fix." Therefore, diagnosis-then-prognosis/protocol/program is time-consuming and laborious for both Trainer and Owner(s). Owners/Clients MUST BE PREPARED TO COMMIT TO A MINIMUM OF 6 WEEKS, with a minimum of 1 hour per week of session training. Phone calls and emails are routinely excerised on average at least 2 to 3 times per week (at hourly rate). WE CAN HELP FIX THE "UNFIXABLE," but only with an owner's commitment and time/energy/financial expenditures associated with treatment.

  • Hourly rate: $125/HOUR (with Lynn Wunderli)
  • Telephone/email/Skype rate: $50/HOUR

PACKAGES: Save some money!


  • 3 One-Hour Sessions = $300 (Save $75!)
  • 6 One-Hour Sessions = $600 (Save $150!)

All Bundles must be used within 3 months of purchase. Wunderdog is not responsible for canceled appointments (unless emergency or illness by either party), and all packages are prepaid, non-transferable, and non-refundable.

Bundle fees may be applied towards Skype, phone, and email sessions!

Bundles are not applicable for Behavioral Modification or Separation Anxiety consultations. These specialized programs require the initial consultation fees, then the hourly rate thereafter.

Hourly Rates

Lynn's Hourly Rate: $125/hr Hannah's Hourly Rate: $80/hr

Group classes

Wunderdog holds classes at Zen Dogs Center in Waunakee; for information on upcoming classes, please inquire at or email Lynn directly at

Lynn Wunderli is a certified AKC CGC Evaluator!

We will be offering classes to prepare your dog for CGC certification, but you also have the option of having your dog tested without the preparatory course.

Review the outline listed on the AKC website to see if you and your dog are ready:

Class schedules and fees will be posted periodically on our front page of this site. All dog owners are responsible, once their dog passes the exam, to submit their own paperwork (prepared for you by Wunderdog) to the AKC, where a small administration fee (to AKC) will apply.

Wunderdog's fees for having your dog tested are as follows:

  • 1 dog = $40
  • 2 dogs = $30/each
  • 3 or more dogs = $25/each

(Group class rates will be posted on the front page of this site.)

Suggestions for participation in this beneficial program/certification:

  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Condominium Associations
  • Apartment Associations
  • Town or Village Recreation Departments
  • Businesses
  • Shelters
  • Animal Rescues
  • Private (Breed) Clubs

We now accept Credit Card Payments! ($3.0% to 3.75% charge/transaction will apply)