Wunderdog's Mission - Since 1998

A family business based on trust, knowledge, and integrity...

Our mission at Wunderdog is to strengthen and improve the relationship between dog and owner. Because we are humans, and dogs are canines, there is (naturally) a gap in our communication! With a better understanding of innate dog behavior, clients benefit and so do their furry family members. We strive to teach all of our clients (young and old) in a way that everyone can understand.

Wunderdog doesn’t just believe in a client and dog’s education—we believe in continuing our’s too! We are readily attending (and receiving CEU's where available) the latest educational seminars and classes in canine behavior and health, while also maintaining professional-level membership with many accredited canine-based organizations.

We believe in responsible pet ownership, and support many non-profit rescue and canine service/therapy organizations.

We offer breed-selection services to clients who are trying to decide on the breed best-suited for their lifestyle and family (this applies to rescues as well!). Because it is our mission to improve the lives of both owners and their canine companions, we feel this is a necessary service, and have had great success in our recommendations, placements, and training thereafter.

Wunderdog's Philosophy

Our philosophy at Wunderdog is based on the humane treatment of animals. It is our belief that all animals deserve respect, understanding, training, and a loving touch. We know that the in order to achieve success and harmony (especially) with dogs, it is most important to understand their innate behaviors, and to train them to best adapt to our way(s) of human lifestyles.

We believe in using several training devices, as long as they are used in an efficient, positive, and healthy manner. We research the benefits and/or adverse (physical and mental) effects of the latest training aides, and base our instruction and advise with each dog as an individual (not a "one size fits all"). We offer our knowledge/instruction to our clients, and as an added convenience, supply quality devices at wholesale prices.

Our Team

Lynn Wunderli

Lynn Wunderli

Founder & Trainer

Owner and President of Wunderdog K-9 Care and Training, LLC (now Wunderdog, LLC), Lynn has been training dogs for over 25 years. Her knowledge and experience with dogs began as a child (her father was a successful breeder and trainer of English Setters and Pointers for over 55 years in Illinois). This early exposure in dog behavior and training was supplemented by her college education in teaching and psychology, and her interest and experience in dog training never stopped. Lynn has worked in many settings, volunteering at the University of Illinois Vet School, working at an Animal Emergency Center in Atlanta, GA, and continues to further her education in the field of animal behavior, training and grooming. Working in the Department of Media and Training Services at the CDC from 1989-1992 allowed Lynn to learn more about communicable disease and public health, which has been helpful in her understanding diseases similar in the canine world, and assessing the risks in canine community environments. Lynn worked closely with Paws New England from 2009-2012, acting as a temperament evaluator - fostering/assessing/re-training problematic rescue dogs; this resulted in a high success rate in placing these dogs with new owners. Lynn is also a liaison for GSCA (Giant Schnauzer Club of America) Rescue, where she donates her time whenever possible - offering dog and home assessments and training.

Lynn regularly donates her time to The Vet Center (Madison, WI) in assisting U.S. veterans with behavioral modification and obedience training based on the individual team’s needs/goals/objectives.

In addition to helping client teams every day, Lynn makes it her goal to attend as many (continuing education) science-based canine conferences and workshops as possible.

Lynn's philosophy is to understand each client’s needs and lifestyle, and to offer solutions and training based on their goals and objectives. Using “relationship-based training,” Lynn teaches dog owners about innate dog behaviors, signals and cues, and how to best communicate with their dogs (and how to best utilize a dog’s innate drives and tendencies). Using behavioral training and obedience training methods, Lynn designs a personal program that will improve a client team’s relationship, which leads to a healthier bond. Lynn takes special joy in starting puppies in a relationship-based training program that starts with basic husbandry, obedience, and safe exposure training. Lynn often uses her “model dog” Evvi (Giant Schnauzer, 2.5 years) to “balance train” both puppies and older dogs, and to offer owners an opportunity to see first hand how they may develop their dog.

Professional Education and Affiliation Profile

  • Eureka College, Eureka, IL 1982-1983 (Elementary Education)
  • The Wilma Boyd Travel School, Pittsburgh, PA 1983-1984 (Travel Industry)
  • Parkland College, Champaign, IL 1985-1986 (Child Psychology)
  • Centers For Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 1989-1992 (Business Administration, Editing, Sign
  • Language I)
  • CMSU School of Real Estate, Exeter, NH, 1994 (Realtor)
  • Full Member, Giant Schnauzer Club of America (GSCA) since 1995
  • Full Member, American Dog Owner's Association (ADOA) from 1998 - 2009
  • Professional Member, International Association of Canine Professionals #2795 (IACP) 2006 - present
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator (#91540) from 2007 - present
  • Full attendance: Tufts Animal Expo, Boston, MA October, 2001 (30 CEUs)
  • Full attendance: Tufts Animal Expo, September, 2002 (23 CEUs) Professional Member, Presenter, New England Pet Grooming Professionals, Inc.#M2027  (NEPGP) 2006 - 2014
  • Full attendance: "What Every Pro Should Know" (Canine Professionals Symposium), featuring Sarah Wilson and Brian Kilcommons, November 2007 (CEU’s)
  • Full attendance: IACP Conference (featuring Stanley Coren, Brian Kilcommons), Hutto, TX, June, 2008 (CEU’s)
  • Full attendance: NEPGP Fall Festival, Warwick, RI, November 2009
  • Re-Homing Evaluator/Trainer for GSCA since 2003
  • Behavioral Evaluator/Trainer/Foster for Paws New England 2009 - present (as needed basis since 2013 move to WI)
  • Attended conference and presented "Canine Behavior and Doggie Daycare" at NEPGP Summer Festival, Warwick, RI, July 2012
  • Full attendance: "Fixing The Unfixable: A New Look at Separation Anxiety" (featuring Malena DeMartini-Price, Gina Phairas), Hudson, MA, March 31-April 1, 2012 (CEU’s)
  • Full attendance: "Winter Wolf Ecology Workshop" presented by Richard Thiel (Wolf Biologist and coordinator for WI DNR Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center in Babcock,WI, and accomplished author), and Scott Thiel (Wolf Biologist), February, 2014
  • Full attendance: IACP Conference, St. Louis, MO, September, 2015 (CEU’s)
  • Full attendance: Sue Sternberg: Dog Aggression vs Sociability, Johnson Creek, WI, April 28 - 29, 2018 (CEU’s)
  • Full attendance: Sue Sternberg & Trish King (3 Workshops): Resource Guarding: AAP & Ethogram, Virtual, 12/5/20; Sue Sternberg: Resource Guarding: Thresholds, Virtual 12/12/20; Trish King: Resource Guarding: Management & Modification, Virtual 1/9/21
Peter Wunderli

Peter Wunderli


Peter has been one of the foremost reasons Wunderdog has been such a great success. He has always encouraged Lynn to follow her dreams in the animal world, and has always supported and nurtured that. He sits on the board of our business as primary member and co-founder.

Peter is a microbial immunologist by education and training, and his post-graduate education includes studies at the UI and UGA Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, with focus on Veterinary Pathobiology and Medical Microbiology. During his position as a visiting researcher at the CDC, in Atlanta, GA, he became involved in rabies vaccine potency testing, and has been an invited speaker at international conferences on rabies and other potency test development topics. When not performing handy-man duties for Wunderdog, he leads a team of scientists involved in developing and applying potency test methods to ensure the quality of biopharmaceutical products.

Peter was a driving force in the acquiring of our first Giant Schnauzer, and has fancied the breed ever since. Wunderdog would not exist without Peter Wunderli!

Chelsea Wunderli

Chelsea Wunderli

In-Home Services Provider (routine, training, and vacation)

Chelsea, 23, has extensive experience in our dog business. She has been involved in our day camp, training, boarding, grooming, and in-home care business since she was 12 years old. Currently Chelsea lives in Madison, and is pursuing her education in nursing. She provides in-home care to Wunderdog clients.


Chelsea has been watching Shiner since he was a puppy and has done an amazing job! We utilize in-home services when we travel and routinely during the work week. The service that Chelsea provides allows Shiner to continue his routine at home while also giving him additional training and lots of play time. When we return home after a trip we are guaranteed to find a tidy house and a very happy puppy. We are thrilled with the wonderful service that Chelsea provides and the peace of mind knowing that Shiner is in great hands, whether we are gone for a week or for an afternoon. She continues to be the first person we call when we need in-home puppy care of any kind. We highly recommend her to others.
Suzie and Chris Madison, WI

Hannah Moodie

Hannah Moodie

Meet the newest member of the Wunderdog team!

Hannah comes to Wunderdog with extensive experience in the dog world…

She has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. She started working with dogs in high school at multiple boarding facilities, doggie daycares, and vet clinics. After graduating with a Psychology degree from UW-Platteville, Hannah moved to California to continue her love for dogs by attending Bergin University of Canine Studies. She graduated with an Associates degree in Assistance Dog Education. At Bergin, Hannah learned how to train service dogs for people who have mobility limitations and for service members with combat related injuries or PTSD. In her 5 years in California Hannah worked as a trainer for a puppy training facility and continued her experience with personal dog obedience training and continued work with Bergin University.

Hannah enjoys spending time with her personal dog, Ono, who was a career change dog from Bergins service dog program.

Hannah also enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring new restaurants, finding new hiking spots, and is really excited for the fall foliage since she hasn’t experienced a Midwest fall for the past 5 years.

Hannah will be teaching group classes as well as private sessions; look for her class schedule as it is posted on this website, Lynn’s other company’s website (zendogscenter.com), or by contacting Hannah directly at: hannahmoodie1012@gmail.com.